Syd and Matt of The Internet brought me on-board to work on their music video for their latest single “GIRL”. It was a fun one day shoot in a green screen studio with the band before I left for Europe…







DSC07473Check the post-production looks and the final vid in my portfolio.

Colombia and back

DSC07020 copy

DSC07024 copyI’m starting to get used to traveling. I’m nowhere near being a full-blown jetsetter, but I am slowly becoming a monthly regular at LAX. This time around I flew out of the states over to South America to do some production work  in Colombia. I know that sounds suspicious, but I give you my word that everything that went down was 100% legal. I was just working the biggest music festival in Colombia, Estereo Picnic.

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Even with all the traffic that clogged the streets of Bogota, my driver was kind enough to take the scenic route to the hotel I was staying at. This gave me the opportunity to see a bit more during my short stay in Colombia, since this was one of those work trips where I fly to a country for about 24 hours, then fly back home. Very similar to my trip to Amsterdam.

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DSC07123 copyThe festival put me up at the new  W Bogota Hotel, which opened it’s doors for the first time in 2014. Everything was so fancy and new… and I was just really confused to why I was there. May or may not have also ordered tons of room service due to said confusion…

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It was a struggle to leave my baller hotel room, but I had a live set to run for DJ/producer duo, Deep Dish. It was great closing out the festival and doing another successful show with them.

DSC07365 copyDSC07358 copyThe next day I was headed back to the airport to go home to LA. My driver took the scenic route again.

DSC07366 copy DSC07376 copy DSC07382 copyI thought the hotel was amazing, but I was astonished when I found out I was going to be flying first class back to the states. This is definitely the most fancy work trips I’ve ever been on.

Tall Tales Podcast

I was invited to chat with my buddies Jason Stewart(Them Jeans) and Nikki Jagerman on their podcast Tall Tales. Had a lot of fun talking EDM, dating, Social media and Snoop! Check it out here.