gread da today was!!!

so today was a pretty fly day! lol it all start with me going into mr. reichers class (english) and seeing my great friend cory wearing a WHITE TEE!!! and i was wear one too!!! lol i never wear white tees it was prob my first time ever doing so lol!
then i was pretty bored in my chem
class and started writing on the the desk lol!!!
rhen later i went to the restroom and became a complete camera whore…….. shut up!!! lol
then it was lunch and i met up with my girlfriend valerie……so me and her decided to stay inside the buildings together and chill with eachother…..then she suggested that we take picture in the girl restroom………it took some persuading but i was down lol so we took picture in the dirtiest mirror ever!!!

well afterwards since i didnt have a 7th period today i decided to go to starbucks with val on the way we saw this dead pigeon!!!
after staring and smellign and poking it we were finally off to starbucks!!! val ordered a mocha frap i think and i ordered a vanilla bean! lol too abd they dont know how to spell there lol!
then we kinda just chilled there until her mom picked us up from there and dropped me off at school
then i was by myself……….well not really i met a new friend!!!


so i met val at our school (Hamilton High). Well…..i kinda saw her at our school lol! I met her more on myspace……so one day i find her myspace and request her as a friend on myspace, she accepts….and thats where our journey begins!! (theme song raw sugar by metric). So Val and i start talking and talking……first only talking in the comments of myspace then chatting it up on aim. If im not wrong my first comment i sent to her was on december 15th and it was about how wack her song on her myspace was(it was that horrible song “walk it out”).She replied by saying how she likes the song and what not, later i ended up getting Vals screen name and chatting about……actually about! but as we chatted about nothing it was really something because it was everything we had in common such as SQUIRRELS!!( me and val have a great love for squirrels!we actually hunt for them sometimes too!!),AMERICAN EAGLE(me and alvay love american eagle and its really special when we wear american eagle on the same day),Humor!!(Val and I are always laughing, smiling, or something!! we find everything funny……even when people get this one time when this girl ran into a door lol!!! we laughed for….well forever!!!), GLASSES!(So while i was talking to val she was tlaking to me about how she had guess glasses that she lost…….the weird thing about that is……well i had guess glasses that i lost!!! then she was telling me how she wanted some versace glasses……..and the weird thing about that is……..i have versace glasses lol but sadly she didnt get the versaces but her glasses are still way fly! lol), DUNKS(val and i love our shoes……our DUNKS! hahahaha sometimes we wear them together and when we do we always take a picture lol),HOODIES(so how about our hoodies never see soap……..ever!! hahaahah val rarely washes her hoodie……and neither do i..and every now and then we switch up hoodies i wear hers she wears mine……….and in class we smell eachothers hoodies…well she does..uuhh…ya she does lol!)HAIR(we both have long…….wavy/curly/nappy hair lol)CAMERAS(we’re both major camera whores, we always have our cameras with us NO MATTER WHAT!because theres always something to take a picture of and put on our blogs lol!)MUSIC!(i must say our greatest thing in common is prob. music the fact that val likes everything and i like everything makes our bond even closer. We like indie, rap, pop, rock, alternative, and even the boom boom mix lol oobl) STARBUCKS(well, i cant say i love starbucks more than val but i can say i do love starbucks a lot that will be our next adventure furshure!!!)MYSPACE(yup, we’re two huge ass myspace whores)HIDING!(we hide like cons that just escaped from jail, we jump, run, leap, fall………fall…….trip…….stumble, and uuhhh look from afar! lol)TEETH(im a big fan of teeth…kinda weird huh? but if u havent notice me and teh alvay both have straight teeth she doesnt think so…….but i no so!!!)CINGULAR!(we both have the same phone plan cingular lol which mean free mobile to mobile…to bad val doesnt talk on the phone lol!!!)OUR MINDS(we think soo much alike its hella crazy!! she finished my sentences i finishe hers……. i guess it was the connection we made when we accidently bumped head lol!) our interest for eachother grew more and more…….and we even found out we even had MORE stuff in common… be continued….to finish readin the story go to vals page

long ass week……

so val couldnt agree with me more with this when i say its been a long hectic ass week……but it started off swell!!(because you know….val made it start off swell) but it ended kinda sketchy with a whole bunch of running…i mean uuhhh sitting in the hall and talking about class……or more like running like bonnie and clyde lol!! either way we enjoyed eachothers company..hopefully next week can be up to par