so pretty much i had all subs so what do i do when im bored in class doing nothing and really bored with my friends skateboard?!?!!? pssshhh……… i do a lot of stuff!!!
well i skate the halls the jews roam in the mideast(wtf am i talking about iono) but ya skating through the halls for about 20 minutes and not getting caught best feeling ever!!!! but im not a skateboarder so eventually i had to get off lol!!!
anyways at the end of school i was heading towards my gf’s locker to meet up with her and i saw a squirrel…….and yes i took a picture of it!!!
lol afterwards valerie was carrying her tupperware and iono it was just funny to me lol!!

best v-day eva!!!

so jan. 28th i asked my VAL to be my VALentine so yesterday was finally valentines day and i had vals present with me………the present i had with me consisted of a bear, candy, more candy, and a card i think lol……so as soon as i got to school i jammed her present in her locker and ran away from the scene of the crime lol.
during nutrition i met up with val and i saw that she received her valentine day gram that i ordered for her lol she had the huggest smile on her face as which also made me smile lol. After the long hug she gave me her present to me! which was my fav. desert ever……BROWNIES!!!! tho it was a bit retarded it tasted delish!!!
after school i treated her to starbucks lol and got her a mocha frap………but i had to steal it…..put the whip cream on my lips and kiss her lol!!
lol anyways valentines ended up being great!! and we had a pretty fly ass day from there lol

gread da today was!!!

so today was a pretty fly day! lol it all start with me going into mr. reichers class (english) and seeing my great friend cory wearing a WHITE TEE!!! and i was wear one too!!! lol i never wear white tees it was prob my first time ever doing so lol!
then i was pretty bored in my chem
class and started writing on the the desk lol!!!
rhen later i went to the restroom and became a complete camera whore…….. shut up!!! lol
then it was lunch and i met up with my girlfriend valerie……so me and her decided to stay inside the buildings together and chill with eachother…..then she suggested that we take picture in the girl restroom………it took some persuading but i was down lol so we took picture in the dirtiest mirror ever!!!

well afterwards since i didnt have a 7th period today i decided to go to starbucks with val on the way we saw this dead pigeon!!!
after staring and smellign and poking it we were finally off to starbucks!!! val ordered a mocha frap i think and i ordered a vanilla bean! lol too abd they dont know how to spell there lol!
then we kinda just chilled there until her mom picked us up from there and dropped me off at school
then i was by myself……….well not really i met a new friend!!!