schools wack…….this week…….

it all starts off with some person talking shit about me on a fucking desk, now……who the fuck does that? everwhat tho they can dislike me all they want…… and ofcourse i wrote back on the desk telling them how much i dont care…………
and in math all i do is write my name on calculators………. yup…..
then i got detention…….which is bullshit….but w/e i dont do detention lol but my girlfriend val made it into a hat heheheh

afterwards in chemistry we created a fucking meth lab……..and we did something wrong so i failed the lab………which is hella wack but its all good

but the thing that really made my day was when i was walking home from the bus stop and i saw a vitamin water truck…..and as alot of you guys know vitamin water is my fav. drink!! BALLIN!!!


so the day started at nutrition with me and val checking to see if i made the talent show……which i did TIZZIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
after school me and chris raymond decided to go to the grove where it was hella cold but on the way there we saw a pretty koo protest lol
that one is for you spirit lol!!!
when we arrived at the grove it was hella cold and windy(im not a pansy val sheesh!) so me and chris decided to get meatball sandwhiches with marzerelli(did i spell that correctly?) it was fucking delish!!!

while we were eatign we saw this weird lady with like………1000 pounds of racoon furr on her!!!

hella weird hahahahahahaha
after staring at that lady we decided to go to the gap………where it smelt like pure SHIT!!! hahahaha
so it was about that time to leave and we were off……….and it was hella windy……overall it was a good nite :) peace!


well today was pretty much the first time me and val hung out together without running, jumping, hiding, biting our nails, or just hiding………..and i must say it was a great feeling to not hide and what not lol! first her mom dropped us off at third st. promenade where we went to the movies and went to see “the messenger” which was really good to me but i didnt want to discuss cinematography and colors of the film and the different angles and stuff with val lol so i kept it to myself…………..after the movies we decided to go down nea the beach where we……..”cuddled” in front of the sunset which was the best thing ever to me! lol afterwards val came up with the idea of us going on the carousel and ofcourse i was hella down for it!! lol
after going in circles me and val we both starving so i treated to mcdonalds lol!!! val got a kids meal and i got a 3 piece chicken select meal lol!!
after wards i was dropped off at home and i must say…… was a good day :) <3