Drizzy Tearz


This week I launched my very first app I’ve ever developed called Drizzy Tearz. It’s was a super fun 7-month process where I worked closely with my good friend, Myk, who handled all the designs while I focused on the code. A lot of Drizzy Tearz was developed when I was in my hotel or in a plane traveling. You may even remember me traveling to Japan to wrap up a good chunk of development for it – I even chatted about it on The Uwaga Pies.

I used the app as an opportunity to partner with my bro, Tristen, to create an awesome album/soundtrack to compliment the gameplay. I was lucky enough to have producers Ducky, Phaneron and Brian Polar come in to remix some of the tracks, as well! Working in the music/entertainment industry for years now, I figured we should push the album to every outlet possible, so I ganged up with my buddies over at RudeTOON Records to handle the mixing, master and publishing of the soundtrack. There’s nothing more excited than REALLY DROPPING AN ALBUM that you can find on iTunes, Spotify and tons of other places!

The launch of Drizzy Tearz was a massive success. It completely exceeded my expectations! Seeing it on websites like The Fader, Billboard, MTV, NME and tons of others completely blew my mind. I knew it had really blown up when I saw the founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover, was tweeting about it.

I have a couple more updates to push out in the next couple of months that I’m stoked to get out to everyone! Super thanks to everybody that downloaded and shared Drizzy Tearz. Since apps were announced, it’s been a dream of mine to my make own. Now that I got this project out of the way, I’m really excited to create some more apps(sans drake)for everyone :]]].

Grab Drizzy Tearz on the App Store now(Also give it 5 stars plzzz!). Thanks again for the support!

Japan with The Uwaga Pies

I took a solo trip to Japan a couple of weeks ago. Why? Well… I went out there to finalize an iPhone app I’m working on(more details on that soon!) and to meet people to chat with about said personal project.

Since I was traveling alone, I reached out to a couple of peeps from the internet who could possibly show me around and make me feel more like a local and less like a gaijin during my two week stay in Tokyo. The top buddies I wanted to hang out with were Youtubers, Kasia and Krzysztof from The Uwaga Pies. After exchanging  a couple of DMs on Twitter, I found myself in Japan being Filmed by Kasia on multiple occasions…

DSC08618 DSC08615 DSC08598 DSC08602The first time I met up with Kasia was in Ikebukuro. I had asked her to take me to her favorite ramen spot in Tokyo and she definitely delivered when she brought me to Mutekiya Ramen. We bonded a bit more when we  found out that we both share a massive love for eggs.

DSC08643 DSC08644 DSC08662DSC08659DSC08658The next time we hung, Filip from Poland joined us to play with cats at a cat cafe, eat yakitori and sing some karaoke in Shibuya. Our night didn’t end until about 4am and our karaoke bill came out to about $210(yikes!).

DSC08799 DSC08782One of the most heartwarming moments I had with The Uwaga Pies was when Kasia invited me out to a rare houseparty/BBQ outside of the city. It was a perfect group of foreigners and locals enjoying each other’s company. There’s nothing like making new friends in a completely different part of the world and this BBQ opened my eyes to that.

Big thanks to The Uwaga Pies for making such a meaningful impact on my second trip to Japan. Please make sure to check out the amazing videos on their channel and Subscribe!

British Columbia is so beautiful!

I went to the most beautiful place for work last week, British Columbia…

DSC08217DSC08229 DSC08250 DSC08261I found myself back in Canada, but instead of landing in Toronto I ended up in Vancouver>Whistler>Pemberton. I was astonished by the wilderness! Being a kid from Los Angeles, I never really get to see much greenery. Another reason why I was shocked is because Toronto looks NOTHING like this!

DSC08237When in Canada, you gotta get that poutine.


DSC08299 DSC08317 DSC08325 Immediately after getting to the hotel in Whistler, I was on my way over to Pemberton to setup for Pemberton Music Festival. The view we had while during  prep had me in awe.

DSC08340 DSC08357DSC08351DSC08369DSC08376 DSC08386Pemberton Festival brought nothing but nostalgia. It made me miss the old days of Coachella before it evolved into the commercial behemoth that is it today(still <3 u Coachellz). Everyone was there purely for the music.

Now that BC is on my radar, I will definitely be taking the 2 1/2hr flight up north to get away from the concrete jungle.

Beachside in the Chi

I’m totally cool with not being home these days. Being able to travel for work has always been a dream, but I guess it’s kinda really happening now. This time around, I stayed in the states and made my way out to Chicago to do production design work at Mamby On The Beachchicago Continue reading