Thank you, Nike!

Nike Sportswear sent me a massive LunarCharge package the other day and I’m literally still freaking out over what was inside it!

dsc00199 dsc00207I had no idea what to expect when I pulled this customized Pelican Case out of the box. There’s no way that this was gonna be JUST a pair of Nike’s LunarCharge shoes. Maybe it was going to be two pairs? Possibly three?



dsc00235-edit-editdsc00239-editI cracked open the case to find not only a pair of super clean all-white Nike LunarCharge, but also a 256gb iPhone 7 Plus, a pair of Spectacles, and a Mophie battery pack! What a great care package to hit the ground running in 2017. Super thanks, Nike :]

Japan 2016

It’s starting to become tradition that I go to Japan every Summer. In September I took another trip back out to Japan for two weeks. Like my trip back in 2015, I was out in Japan alone just wandering around making friends while also finishing up a music video for the Glass Animals. Here are some pics from my Nippon adventures – hope you like :]

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A music video, a live event, and an app with Glass Animals

Since July 2016, I’ve been busy working with the super talented English indie band, Glass Animals. My management, I AM SOUND, connected me with them after hearing that they were looking for someone to bring their latest single, “Season 2 Episode 3” to life in form of a music video and an app. The ball instantly started rolling after our first call to go over details about the music video, which ended up leading to one of my favorite projects I’ve done so far.

Directing the music video was nuts! I brought in Advent Films to produce and co-direct the live-action side of things. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better shoot. The set was filled with a plethora of talent working together to bring this piece to fruition. The final bits of the video was finalized when I was in Japan, where I was doing animation with my good friend, Myk, while he was in Ukraine.

Processed with VSCO with 3 preset

Bringing the Glass Animals’ album to life via Tumblr IRL was massive. Not only was the band playing, but the characters from the album were present to enjoy the arcade and bottomless jars of mayonnaise with fans. Afterwards, I partnered with GA to do a podcast for Vinyl Me, Please. Myk was there in spirit.

fullsizerenderThe Season 2 Episode 3 project came to an end with an app that’s available for iOS, Android, and your browser today. My first iOS app, Drizzy Tearz, took me 7 months to build, which I thought was pretty normal. Though I was restricted to a deadline, this app only took me a month and a half to develop and optimize for multiple platforms. The overall plan was to take the music video I directed for them and to make it into a music video game by using the same assets and style from the video. I’m stoked on the game! Yes, it still has some bugs, but that’s nothing an update can’t solve.

From the music video to the app, this project was a major team effort. Big thanks to Glass Animals, Harvest Records, Anh Do/IAS, Advent Films, and everyone else involved! If you want to see a behind-the-scenes look of the process and more info on who all was involved, feel free to jump over to my portfolio :].

UPDATE: Forbes wrote an amazing article on  the project. Check it out HERE :]!!

More pics from Japan!

This is a continuation of my previous Japan post

DSC08518Burger Kings in Tokyo are way different from the states. Believe it or not, the Samurai Aka burger was really delicious. Note: I don’t eat Burger King in the states.

DSC08521 DSC08530 DSC08535Snaps of Shibuya. Where I spent most of my time when I left my Airbnb

DSC08593 DSC08542 DSC08546DSC08549 DSC08561 DSC08567DSC08590 DSC08587Misa was the first person I met up with when I got to Tokyo. When ended up at a restaurant where you can fish for your own food and they’ll cook it.

DSC08710 DSC08727Akihabara aka Electric City. If you’re obsessed with tech, anime and weirdness, you must go here!

DSC08762J Rocc of Beat Junkies spinning at Sound Museum Vision in Shibuya.

DSC08808Had a blast with these guys! Nothing like making new friends while traveling.

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Drizzy Tearz


This week I launched my very first app I’ve ever developed called Drizzy Tearz. It’s was a super fun 7-month process where I worked closely with my good friend, Myk, who handled all the designs while I focused on the code. A lot of Drizzy Tearz was developed when I was in my hotel or in a plane traveling. You may even remember me traveling to Japan to wrap up a good chunk of development for it – I even chatted about it on The Uwaga Pies.

I used the app as an opportunity to partner with my bro, Tristen, to create an awesome album/soundtrack to compliment the gameplay. I was lucky enough to have producers Ducky, Phaneron and Brian Polar come in to remix some of the tracks, as well! Working in the music/entertainment industry for years now, I figured we should push the album to every outlet possible, so I ganged up with my buddies over at RudeTOON Records to handle the mixing, master and publishing of the soundtrack. There’s nothing more excited than REALLY DROPPING AN ALBUM that you can find on iTunes, Spotify and tons of other places!

The launch of Drizzy Tearz was a massive success. It completely exceeded my expectations! Seeing it on websites like The Fader, Billboard, MTV, NME and tons of others completely blew my mind. I knew it had really blown up when I saw the founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover, was tweeting about it.

I have a couple more updates to push out in the next couple of months that I’m stoked to get out to everyone! Super thanks to everybody that downloaded and shared Drizzy Tearz. Since apps were announced, it’s been a dream of mine to my make own. Now that I got this project out of the way, I’m really excited to create some more apps(sans drake)for everyone :]]].

Grab Drizzy Tearz on the App Store now(Also give it 5 stars plzzz!). Thanks again for the support!