36 Hours in Amsterdam

Last weekend I was flown out to The Netherlands to do some live production work for Deep Dish at a massive show at Amsterdam Dance Event. ADE is the biggest EDM club festival in the world, with 300 events in five days…

DSC05773 copy DSC05777 copy DSC05806 copySpent 9 hours flying to Amsterdam via KLM.

DSC05811 copyThe highlight of my trip was taking a Tesla Taxi from the airport to my hotel. Never felt so future.

DSC05827 copy DSC05829 copy DSC05836 copy

DSC05841 copyMy stay at Lloyd Hotel was short, but very awesome. Loved their breakfast and the room I was put in.

DSC05853 copyDSC05875 copy DSC05876 copyDSC05847 copy DSC05885 copyAfter a short nap I made my way over to Media Haven to set up for the show. I was geeking out over the stage setup.

DSC05923 copyDSC05956 copy DSC05931 copy This was the longest show I’ve ever worked on. From 10pm to 8am everyone was full blown dancing. I had a lot of fun with this production.

DSC05962 copy DSC05971 copy DSC05974 copyA couple of hours after I was done working, I grabbed another omelette and headed  back  to LA.

Tumblr IRL: You’re Dead

Went out to a Tumblr IRL event for Flying Lotus’ new LP You’re Dead!. The event was a full blown live audio/visual experience at Mack Sennett Studios that was put together by visual artists Shintaro Kagoand, Timeboy & Strangeloop.

DSC05669 DSC05719 copyYD DSC05740 copy YD2

Manual For iPhone

Cool seeing Everday App creator, Will Wilkinson, launch his new cam app Manual. In a world of full of filter apps, Manual goes back to photography basics by giving you full control of your iPhone camera’s settings. Manual is available now in the App Store.

Check out the outtakes.

The Simpsons Take The Bowl

This past weekend I took to the Hollywood Bowl with thousands of fans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. The longest-running prime-time animated series remixed the Hollywood Bowl as Springfield to experience the show live.

DSC05664 copyDSC05538 copyDSC05554 copy

It was mind-boggling seeing the voice actors perform on stage as their characters, but that wasn’t the best part of the show. What really made me gasp in excitement were the special guests. Seeing stars like Weird Al Yankovic, Hans Zimmer, Conan O’brien and Tony hawk make a musical appearance was a massive treat for the audience.

DSC05576 copysimpsons

There’s nothing like gathering with a bunch of fans at the Hollywood Bowl to sing and do the Bartman. Oh yeah, there were also fireworks.. Which were the shit.