Dyro – Surrounded

Back in March I was contacted to see if I would be interested in directing a music video for Dutch EDM producer, Dyro. Having worked with Dyro back when I used to do stage production for music festivals, I jumped on the opportunity immediately and built out a treatment for his latest single ‘Surrounded’.

Once the treatment was greenlit, I partnered with Ethan Redd to handle the 3d-side of things for the vid. I’m reeeaally stoked on how the vid turned out! Special Thanks to Dyro’s team and my reps over at IAMSOUND!

Thank you, Nike!

Nike Sportswear sent me a massive LunarCharge package the other day and I’m literally still freaking out over what was inside it!

dsc00199 dsc00207I had no idea what to expect when I pulled this customized Pelican Case out of the box. There’s no way that this was gonna be JUST a pair of Nike’s LunarCharge shoes. Maybe it was going to be two pairs? Possibly three?



dsc00235-edit-editdsc00239-editI cracked open the case to find not only a pair of super clean all-white Nike LunarCharge, but also a 256gb iPhone 7 Plus, a pair of Spectacles, and a Mophie battery pack! What a great care package to hit the ground running in 2017. Super thanks, Nike :]

Japan 2016

It’s starting to become tradition that I go to Japan every Summer. In September I took another trip back out to Japan for two weeks. Like my trip back in 2015, I was out in Japan alone just wandering around making friends while also finishing up a music video for the Glass Animals. Here are some pics from my Nippon adventures – hope you like :]

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