So I may have done some geeking out this week when I went out to Anaheim to attend SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH is a conference and exhibition focused on computer graphics and interactive techniques. It’s also a place where big companies gather to showoff their latest industry toys that’s going to be booming in the next couple of years…


img_1504-copy This would be my 3rd year attending SIGGRAPH. This year it was even more packed than the previous years.

img_1514-copy Super thanks to the peeps over LightWave for hooking it up with credentials this year. Nothing like going to an event for free!

img_1469-copy Nvidia was showing off all kinds of awesomeness. They even announced their new Kepler GPUs(aka Project logan) and showed off Project Shield, their new handheld gaming device.


img_1519-copy I probably spent the most time at the Maxon booth where I saw a variety of power users showoff the new release of Cinema4D.

img_1478-copy 4k touch displays are definitely the future for conference rooms.

img_1489-copy Canon’s mixed reality headset is next level. Can’t wait to see them implement this tech in their cameras, I give it 5 years.

img_1506-copy Been meaning to jump into Pixologic’s ZBrush for the longest, but been lagging. Can’t wait to get my hands on copy so I can bang out some sculpting and modeling.

SIGGRAPH 2013 was packed with mind blowing next-gen industry tools. Though these tools were made for professionals, a lot of  what I saw were priced at an affordable price. Great to see high-end hardware and software coming at an affordable price for everyone.

E3 2013

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go to E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) on my birthday to check out new games, consoles, and experiences.








img_1348-copy It was exciting to go hands-on with the next generation of home entertainment. Companies like Sony and Microsoft(sorry Nintendo) are really pushing to take over our living rooms in the most virtual and interactive way possible. Personally, I’m very stoked to get an Xbox One when it comes out in November.