Meet hilton hammed

The beginning of my night was AMAZING!!! I was actually in West Hollywood to kick it with some friends at Voyeour, a club off of Santa Monica, unfortunately they didn’t allow cameras which sucked. But I did happen to meet a really chill guy at the Fountain Liquor & Market. Hilton Hammed is the owner of said liquor store. Once I entered his place, he greeted me with excitement. Dude is awesome and funny!

After joking around, Hilton asked if I could snap some shots of him. Without hesitating, I set the my shutter to match the lighting of the store and I snapped away.

I even got a clip of him, he messed up on the Whoop This! plug, but it’s ok!

Then some customers came in and he wanted me to record them as well… So I did.

All this happened just because I wanted to buy some gum. Awesome!