Japan 2017

Made it back to Japan for my 4th time in a row. Each visit to Japan gets better and better, I don’t see myself getting tired of it ever. This time around, I spent a lengthy 20 days in Japan. Here are some pics from the trip(don’t forget to check out more after the jump).


Tokyo Game Show

This was my second time attending TGA. I was blown away by the amount of indie games and VR experiences.

DSC00927DSC00921 DSC00930

Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe

I’m obsessed with hedgehogs so much that I dropped by Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe in Roppongi to live out my Instagram dreams of playing with one. They were very sleepy and very cute.

DSC01073DSC01005DSC01012 DSC01023DSC01015DSC01050 DSC01040 DSC01058 DSC01061

Mori Art Museum

DSC01116 DSC01117 DSC01119 DSC01127 DSC01128DSC01134 DSC01136 DSC01144DSC01152 DSC01162DSC01156

J Pop band(I forgot the name)


Brodinski @ Sound Museum Vision

My love for techno and electronic music is still thriving. Vibing to Brodinski at 2am in Tokyo was definitely a peaking moment.

DSC01355 DSC01372

Pizza Slice

Pizza Slice was one of the best parties I went to while in Japan. Everything from the music to the crowd was incredibly diverse. This is pretty much The Do Over if it was done in Tokyo at a pizza joint.

DSC01381 DSC01385DSC01402 DSC01427

Hong Kong

Since this was my fourth time visting Japan, I wanted to use this trip to travel to Hong Kong for a couple of days. Unfortunately, as soon as I landed in HK I got hit w a work emergency which forced me to stay in my Airbnb for most of my stay.

DSC01439 DSC01449 DSC01451DSC01446 DSC01447

Airbnb in Hong Kong

Check it out here.

DSC01484 DSC01452 DSC01453DSC01460

CEATEC Japan 2017

Being the geek I am, I attended Japan’s version of CES. I was overwhelmed with the innovation that was going on at this convention.

DSC01493 DSC01496 DSC01500 DSC01501DSC01509 DSC01511 DSC01517 DSC01525


Tokyo Art Book Fair

DSC01535 DSC01532DSC01542 DSC01545 DSC01544DSC01547 DSC01548DSC01569 DSC01574 DSC01581
Owl Cafe

DSC01594 DSC01596
Mount Kimbie

My last night in Japan was spent seeing  Mount Kimbie in Shibuya. So many feels were generated that night.


Friends :]

Special thanks to all the new and old friends I hung out with. 20 days in Japan wouldn’t have been the same without you.

See you in 2018, Japan ^-^v