Japan 2016

It’s starting to become tradition that I go to Japan every Summer. In September I took another trip back out to Japan for two weeks. Like my trip back in 2015, I was out in Japan alone just wandering around making friends while also finishing up a music video for the Glass Animals. Here are some pics from my Nippon adventures – hope you like :]



Though my trip to Japan was planned to be a solo one, a handful of my buddies from Los Angeles were out there as well. My good friend and amazing artist, Alexander Spit, was out there with The Hundreds to throw his iconic show/party, Spitset. It would be an understatement to  say that the show was a rager, it was definitely  a new energy brought to Tokyo’s  music scene. Spit brought out Trapped Under Ice and Numb to bring the pit to life. In my three years  coming to Japan, I’ve never witnessed a live show like this.

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I ate non-stop in Japan, but Nigo’s Curry Up in Harajuku definitely took took my heart away .



Before working at Snapchat, I worked as a stage designer traveling the world doing visual stage production for EDM artists and festivals, it was cool while it lasted. I randomly ended up at Ultra Japan and had zero plans of going until I my friend who was working it invited me over. Being at Ultra in Japan definitely reminded me why I fell in love with live production design.  Everything from the lighting to the stage design was so perfect and professional. I’m so glad I was able to check out such a  massive music festival on this trip.

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As a gamer and game developer, I deifinitely had to check out the Tokyo Game Show. TGS was fueled heavily by independent developers and virtual reality this year. It was so excited to get a peak of what direction the gaming industry was headed to before the it the states. As a foreigner, I really felt like a fly on the wall while walking through the exhibit.

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Had a blast attending Tokyo Art Book Fair where I discovered tons of new artists and amazing pieces.

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This was my third time in a row going out to Japan and I’m still deeply in love with the country. Next year, I’m hoping to drop by Korea and China within my Japan trip. Hit me up if you wanna hang.  See you in 2017 :].