formal/party/recovery 8/21-22/08

For you guys that don’t know, for the WHOLE summer I’ve been in a film program. The first 4 weeks we spent our time in class at USC. For the next 4 weeks we go through pre-production, production, and post production for our films. At the very end we have a huge ceremony…

Dressing up is something we both don’t do. Kelsey and I both made a promise to wear dressy clothes for this event so that we wouldn’t feel too weird…mainly because our parents wanted us to.

There was a run-through when I went in the theatre and they were showing my film.

I also received an award/scholarship for the 2nd top edited sound…well that’s what the judges thought. The judges were from the Motion Picture Sound Editors, which is pretty huge, btw.

After the ceremony I went home to chill. Then around 1 a.m. I received a phone call asking if I was going to the party. So I went.

Say fuck that shit!


Annoying drunk people annoy me.


The next day(today), I was hella exhausted but I had to make my way to FOX studios.

It was koo. Oh, I saw the unreleased teaser/trailer to Notorious(Biggie Smalls movie) it was definitely epic shit!!! it comes out early 09.

I was on TV!!!!

Click the picture to watch the clip.
I gave them the good ol’ “this is the greatest experienced that has ever happened to me” LOL!
Media love that stuff though…wrd.