Everyday essentials

There are certain items that I need with me to make it through the day. Some people carry beauty products, books, moleskins, glasses, drugs… etc. I on the other hand, carry a couple of items that have helped me out a lot this year…


In the picture above:

1. iPhone 3gs

2. Keys to the Whoopmobile

3. G•Drive external hard drive

4. Business cards

5. Expired fake i.d.

6. Firewire 800 cable

7. Macbook Pro 15″

8. Canon Rebel T1i(not pictured)

My everyday essentials aren’t anything special, but it’s enough for me to travel, communicate, create, and share. Being an “artist” or whatever I am, these few tools alone have helped me get jobs, make connections, make last minute changes, and have fun.