Djing the weekend

One of my new found hobbies is DJing. No, you won’t see me spinning at a club in Hollyhood or at your bestfriends wedding, but I usually end up DJing house parties or even photoshoots.

Saturday night I spun at a house party in the valley, thanks to Mike. I encountered several drunkards requesting stuff from Britney Spears to Drake. One thing that really annoyed me is when some dude claiming to be into sound production and ‘knowing’ how to read the waveform on the track kept begging to dj… I let him and he failed, miserably.

Sunday, we drove out to Silverwood Lake for the photoshoot. The shoot was seriously located in the middle of nowhere.

Mike’s loving the manikin.

My homie, Rony, was actually doing the photoshoot. I had no idea that he was apart of this until we got to the area.

It was all fun. DJing in the middle of nowhere.

After the photoshoot was over, we headed over to the lake to chill out a bit before heading out to LA.