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Niska “Réseaux (Remix)” Featuring Quavo and Stefflon Don

Had a lot of fun directing Niska’s music video for Reseaux Remix featuring Quavo and Stefflon Don. The first version of the approved treatment was cancelled due to some conflict. Luckily I was given a second chance to rewrite the treatment for animation. Thanks to the change,  I was able to work with Ethan Redd again who killed it handling […]

Overwatch World Cup – Los Angeles

I don’t really hide how much of a geek I am anymore. I enjoy building computers, developing apps, and I also work at a tech company. In addition to all of that, I’m heavily into the game Overwatch right now. I started playing on Xbox, but things got way more serious once I made the switch […]

Dyro – Surrounded

Back in March I was contacted to see if I would be interested in directing a music video for Dutch EDM producer, Dyro. Having worked with Dyro back when I used to do stage production for music festivals, I jumped on the opportunity immediately and built out a treatment for his latest single ‘Surrounded’. Once […]

Thank you, Nike!

Nike Sportswear sent me a massive LunarCharge package the other day and I’m literally still freaking out over what was inside it! I had no idea what to expect when I pulled this customized Pelican Case out of the box. There’s no way that this was gonna be JUST a pair of Nike’s LunarCharge shoes. […]

Japan 2016

It’s starting to become tradition that I go to Japan every Summer. In September I took another trip back out to Japan for two weeks. Like my trip back in 2015, I was out in Japan alone just wandering around making friends while also finishing up a music video for the Glass Animals. Here are some […]

A music video, a live event, and an app with Glass Animals

Since July 2016, I’ve been busy working with the super talented English indie band, Glass Animals. My management, I AM SOUND, connected me with them after hearing that they were looking for someone to bring their latest single, “Season 2 Episode 3” to life in form of a music video and an app. The ball instantly […]

More pics from Japan!

Pics from my trip to Japan ^_^v

British Columbia is so beautiful!

I went to the most beautiful place for work last week, British Columbia… I found myself back in Canada, but instead of landing in Toronto I ended up in Vancouver>Whistler>Pemberton. I was astonished by the wilderness! Being a kid from Los Angeles, I never really get to see much greenery. Another reason why I was […]

Beachside in the Chi

I’m totally cool with not being home these days. Being able to travel for work has always been a dream, but I guess it’s kinda really happening now. This time around, I stayed in the states and made my way out to Chicago to do production design work at Mamby On The Beach…


Syd and Matt of The Internet brought me on-board to work on their music video for their latest single “GIRL”. It was a fun one day shoot in a green screen studio with the band before I left for Europe… Check the post-production looks and the final vid in my portfolio.

Colombia and back

I’m starting to get used to traveling. I’m nowhere near being a full-blown jetsetter, but I am slowly becoming a monthly regular at LAX. This time around I flew out of the states over to South America to do some production work  in Colombia. I know that sounds suspicious, but I give you my word that everything […]

Tall Tales Podcast

I was invited to chat with my buddies Jason Stewart(Them Jeans) and Nikki Jagerman on their podcast Tall Tales. Had a lot of fun talking EDM, dating, Social media and Snoop! Check it out here.

HARD DOTD 2014: Pink Stage

For the Halloween weekend I was hired by visual arts studio, V Squared Labs, to handle live production at HARD Day of the Dead, a 2-day music festival out here in Los Angeles. Here are some pics of the stage setup I ran that weekend.

Keezy Drummer

An iPad Air 2 arrived in my mailbox the other day and I’ve been full hands-on with it. One of the main apps I’ve been spending a bulk of my airtime with is Keezy Drummer by software studio, Elepath. Keezy Drummer makes building percussion patterns easy and fun for anyone!

36 Hours in Amsterdam

Last weekend I was flown out to The Netherlands to do some live production work for Deep Dish at a massive show at Amsterdam Dance Event. ADE is the biggest EDM club festival in the world, with 300 events in five days… Spent 9 hours flying to Amsterdam via KLM. The highlight of my trip was taking a […]

Tumblr IRL: You’re Dead

Went out to a Tumblr IRL event for Flying Lotus’ new LP You’re Dead!. The event was a full blown live audio/visual experience at Mack Sennett Studios that was put together by visual artists Shintaro Kagoand, Timeboy & Strangeloop.

Manual For iPhone

Cool seeing Everday App creator, Will Wilkinson, launch his new cam app Manual. In a world of full of filter apps, Manual goes back to photography basics by giving you full control of your iPhone camera’s settings. Manual is available now in the App Store. Check out the outtakes.

The Simpsons Take The Bowl

This past weekend I took to the Hollywood Bowl with thousands of fans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. The longest-running prime-time animated series remixed the Hollywood Bowl as Springfield to experience the show live. It was mind-boggling seeing the voice actors perform on stage as their characters, but that wasn’t the best […]

AIAIAI TMA-1: Fool’s Gold Edition

I’ve been meaning to purchase a new pair of headphones for a while now and it finally happened while I was going through an Amazon binge the other night. I decided to make the move toward a pair of AIAIA’s. There has been  a lot buzz around their products and I really admire the direction the Denmark brand has […]