Beachside in the Chi

I’m totally cool with not being home these days. Being able to travel for work has always been a dream, but I guess it’s kinda really happening now. This time around, I stayed in the states and made my way out to Chicago to do production design work at Mamby On The Beachchicago

DSC08170View from my hotel at Hyatt Place in Hyde Park, which was located in the southside of Chicago. Luckily, I was about a mile away from the mayhem that you hear in Chief Keef records. 

It me.

DSC08160This is the first festival I’ve attended that was located on a beach. I’m not the biggest fan of sand, but the amazing music and great people made up for that.

DSC08190Me again. This is actually gonna be my new LinkedIn profile pic tbh. I Immediately had to send this to my mom since all my pics consist of me throwing up a limp peace sign or the middle finger. She was stoked for this one.

DSC08121My office for the duration of the trip.

DSC08127 DSC08158DSC08134 DSC08141DSC08142Nothing like a sweet curved LED wall to immerse the audience in. This is probably one of my favorite stages I’ve worked on in a while, I had a blast running it.

DSC08166I was blessed with some delicious meals in Chicago, this is one of them. This spot(wish I could remember the name) scored extra points for having Kool-Aid on tap.