Baycities 10/7/09

Today I decided to take my new cam out to lunch with me in Santa Monica. I wanted to test it out because I wasn’t too sure if I liked it(compared to my Nikon), but the only shooting I did was in my room. So I ended up meeting my to homies, Steph and Erica. We met up at Baycities for some much needed sandwiches.

Anyone who hasn’t been to Baycities, must go! So good…

Is it me, or do all chicks always hold their BBs like this?


Little boots.

BB addict.

Lunch was definitely satisfying(always is at Baycities).

After playing around with my Canon outside for a bit, I’ve decided that I <3 it waaaay more than my Nikon :D. Back to the cave I go. Wrd.