A trip to home depot 3/20/11

My GF and I kiinda are a reeeaaally creative couple. With her being a USC business major(design minor) and me being a digital media artist for a marketing firm, we’re always talking about design, concepts, kerning, Photoshop vs handwritten pieces, color pallets, and anything pleasing to the human eye. With that being said, we’re bound to create tons of awesome shit…

img_7374 $money and I trekked our way to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for a project she had in mind for school.

img_7391 img_7378 She even had all her measurements planned out perfectly. I was impressed.

img_7405 Super thanks to this dude-bro for breaking the rules and cutting the uncuttable for us :D!

img_7410 Surprisingly, we were able to everything(we’re pretty pro a Tetris) in her Mini Cooper.


img_7423 As an award for all our hard(yeah, I did work too!!!), I treated us to some well deserved Yogurtland(Om nom nom…).